For Priests

The Blessed Mother would like Priests to keep these messages in their hearts and if they accept the requests they will receive the promises.

                                                                                                        My Angel


“You will always find in ME a recess of peace.”

“I look upon you as My very own.”

“Surrender yourself to Me thus you will be made strong by My love.”

“Place all your merits in My hands and let everything that happens be a way of offering up in obedience to Me.”

“The time will come when you will no longer need to rationalize what is happening.”

“By My hand guarding you I hold back so much that would harm you.”

“I want My Image to be placed in honour in this Chapel* and where fixed in City of Town, whatever Church the faith of that place will never be overthrown.”**



The Promises.

People will see God in them.

They themselves will receive great blessings from God.

They will receive the zeal to be totally abandoned to God and be of one mind with Him.

     My Angel.


* Oratory of the Immaculate Heart, Raheny, Dublin.

** The promise only applies when it is placed solemnly in the Church of that locality.





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