“Pray and long for Eternal things.”

Dear little one,  when  have I so much wanted more a soul to respond, than I have yours, and how can you think I would abandon you? If you have any sorrow, let Me be the one to heal it.  It would be much longer to reach My Son by any other way than the way that I am leading you.  Pray and long for eternal things.  Leave everything else aside.


Dear little one, how to be loving to My Son is the longing of many.  But how sad it is, to see how much they go astray when some calamity befalls them.  If they would but realize that they are loved much more if they would be but patient.


Dear little one, the way of the world is so far along the road to perdition.  There is little hope, but God’s Justice.  Mankind has fallen to its lowest depths and it shall be only by a Supernatural Intervention that can save him otherwise he will lay waste his soul to the slavery of Satan.  That is why your slavery to Me is so precious.  No matter how hard you find it, battle on and pray.



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