“From My Heart, I invite men to turn from sin.’


"Dear little one, I haven’t forgotten how little you are.  This is such a beautiful time we have together.  Let us not think of our weakness, but rather God’s mercy.  Don’t worry My little one, I can see further along the road.  You have so much to learn.  I am making of you a little angel.  You see I love you beyond your sin and its density in your soul, so little one, don’t be afraid to Me.”


"My little one, From My Heart, I invite men to turn from sin  and follow the way of the Holy Gospel, letting Me be their guiding Mother through the darkness of this world to the light of Heaven.  Come with Me.  Decide today to follow Me as I speak to your heart.  Come everyday to meet Me and My Son Jesus. He wants you to listen to My message.”


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