“Pay attention to My messages”

“My child,  you must hold on to Me if God is to give you His blessing.  I invite you to being more in My Heart, and letting Me guide you.  I don’t want you doing everything with a reckless abandon.  Pay attention to My messages.  I invite you be lead on the way of gentleness, kindness and helping everyone as I then am with you.”

“My dear little one, look well at this poor shrine I have led you to.  It resembles the hearts of men.  See!  Behold the Cross it stands alone amid such indifference.  God cannot hold back any longer His Hand at such slumber towards My Crucified Son who bleeds for such, who only show Him, for the most part their indifference.  My child look at Me.  I am offering My Son, His peace to men.  Place your littleness at the foot of the Cross, then I am able to gain for you such that will lead poor ignorant men back to God.  Pray.  I am asking for your help.  This is where I invite you to come from now on.”

If you want to share your personal photo of the Merciful Mother,
please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
with your name, your location or where it was taken
and title of the photo. Thank you!
God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You! 

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