If you want to share your personal photo of the Merciful Mother,
please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
with your name, your location or where it was taken
and title of the photo. Thank you!
God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

“Open to Me your heart and wait to receive My grace and then  continue praying.”

“Hello dear child! If you want to be able to see more clearly Heavenly things in your life do this.  When you begin to pray, turn your eyes upon an Image of Me and then open to Me your heart and wait to receive My grace and then continue praying.  My child the reason you feel so little devotion is because you are letting too many worldly concerns remain in your heart.  If you want to be free of theses you must let in the light of My Son and return to a good desire of wanting Me.  My dear child you are beginning to fall, in not opening your heart these days and you become complacent and I am left with the new flowers which you are not ready to receive.  This pains Me to tell you.  Try and let My light bring you round and you feel again My sweetness thus you make Me happy.  I invite you to pray My Rosary with your heart more, then you feel My special presence and I am able to move.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray.”



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