If you want to share your personal photo of the Merciful Mother,
please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
with your name, your location or where it was taken
and title of the photo. Thank you!
God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!


“Be at peace about everything.”

“My child I do not want you to ingratiate yourself with this world but seek the way of humility under My mantle.  My child I also don’t want you worrying about temporal life, but be at peace about everything and God who sees your heart will reward you.”


“Dear child!  I open to you My Heart.

I want you to know that Satan is very powerful.  My child call Me often, you so seldom do these days, thus Satan fills your heart with perversities but I watch over you My little one.  Thus I remind you to invoke Me and  ask for My most powerful intercession, thus your heart is safe under My mantle.  I bless you.  Pray.”



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