“It is now My designs and the pattern you must be attentive to.”


“My dear child, you try to grasp on your own intellect to carry out what God is asking of you, but you failed and asked, “is there any way’?  Are you not aware it is now My designs and the pattern you must be attentive to? All else is vanity and will vanish like the morning mist before the heat of the sun.  Pray and pray and simply pray as to no end.  Simply put your trust in Me your Mother and all the trials you will face, face it with prayer.”

“Dear child, it is only when you come closer to Me that you can visualize Jesus.  You are aware that I the Mother am the only one to help you live in Jesus perfectly.  So pray to God the Father through Jesus Christ his Son,  with Me the Mother of your soul that you may understand all that I am doing in your life.”

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Immaculada Concepcion
Photo Courtesy of:
Atty. Victor Reginald Abaya Dimacuha
of Batangas City, Philippines

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