“Reserve to Me the right to do with you whatever.”


Feb. 15- “My child.  Do reserve to Me the right to do with you whatever  I will.  It is in this that benefits the Mystical Body of My Son to grow more and more like Me, is including the Body of My Son.  It is of vital importance you continue no matter the consequence, in prayer, to refrain or fade in this would be fatal.  Only through prayer can I reach you and you Me.”


Feb. 16- “My child no one has come to Me and left empty-handed.  But for you, whom I grant to write down My messages, I avail so much to draw you on, even though you feel discouraged.  Let not this feeling cause you to become impatient, it is for this very reason I left you to finish your Rosary today.  To be patient, is waiting on Me as one who as no other means of support.”




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