“Only in prayer can you learn how to be good.”

“My child, only in prayer can you learn how to be good.  The Holy Mass must be lived and the centre of your life.  There you have Heaven.  My little one I invite you to be prayerful during My Son’s Passions.  God will give, if you ask with love, special graces during this time.  *Pray with love.”

“My child, the love you bear Me is sweetness to My Heart and it makes My Son very happy because He now has a tent where He can rest from the battle.  You have been blessed by Me ad My love.  Represent Me to all, by your recollection of Me in your soul, when you have done this you will know peace.  Pray with hope.  My little one so weak, now you have been left to taste the flower of pain and isolation, and now you find your only comfort is in prayer.  My child the beads are so precious.  Let them be your only introduction to the Heavenly staircase.  My little one, remain little.  The more you seek creatures, the more you pain will be.  Pray.  Pray and keep watch with My Son who watches you closely.”

                                                                                   * During Mass


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