“Listen and pray. I am calling you again.”


“Dear child, one, and only one should occupy your soul, It is Jesus.  How do you find him? Through Me, who is the Mother of your soul.  It is not good to be Influenced by all else, it takes your heart away from Me.  Nothing can give you peace, only My way, through Me.”

“Dear child, don’t rush around looking for the next event to hit you.  You already have the event. You already have! Live it!  It is each moment God allows to you.  Pray, let understanding be for those whose business it is to understand.  Do not  react but let go.  God already knows your heart and so do I, so do I My child.”


“Dear child so listen and pray.  I am calling you again to renew your life.  Begin again to let Me plan it from moment to moment, to let Me guide you safely through to your true home in Heaven. Don’t get involved in anything other than God’s work. Now, respond by letting me be the Mother of your soul!”

                                            MORE MESSAGES


Nuestra Senora Del Rosario     
Photo Courtesy of:     
Atty. Victor Reginald Abaya Dimacuha      
of Batangas City, Philippines     

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