“Become small.”


“Hello My child,  blind though you are, let Me lead you trustingly.  This is how Jesus would have you, rather than slithering along open eyed, enchanted by every desire that came to your inner soul.  You understand?  My little one, yearn for love’s desire to consume your inner soul.  Allow no reptiles to enter.  Drive them off the moment you see them approach.  Pray ‘O Virgin defend me’ answer them thus.  Cold though your soul is I sincerely  wish to stay there."

 “My child the reason I wait for you to pray your beads is so that you don’t feel you’ve prayed improperly.  I talk to you.  Let Me continue to talk to you whenever I give you the rendezvous, as I do after you have prayed your beads.  I am leading you.  Open the door more often to Me, the door of contemplation.  My little one time is moving on.  Eternity gets closer.  I value more and more our little chats.  Become small.  Each little thing, do it in Me.”


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