“I am humility.”


"I am humility.  Tread softly when you enter soul.  Jesus is asleep there.  Pray hymns and you cover Him with blankets and keep Him warm, this is love, love’s wisdom.  Reflect Me by loving everyone, most of all they that hurt you.”


"Hello My little one, pray even if you are annihilated by temptations.  Pray even if sweetness abandons you and you feel nothing but dryness.  Pray.  It is only in the act of praying I bless you, and it I while praying grace is bestowed on you.  So pray, pray, pray.”

“Hello My child, it is only by grace that a soul can attain perfection, love’s great desire.  Only God raises the soul.  No soul, however that soul tries, will ever reach holiness without grace---- if but that soul would place in My hands its longing, I let the soul, however weak, touch God’s very throne and help it reach Heaven.”

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