“Open the door of your heart.”

“Mary help me.”

“My dearest little one, open the door of your heart to Me and don’t be afraid to love Me with all your soul.  This is what gives God the greatest glory, to love Him through My heart.  Oh My child so fainthearted , do you not understand that your love for Me is augmented and embellished and given to Jesus for His greater glory.  My dear child place at My disposal everything, even your littlest actions, so that Jesus can look and be charmed by their beauty.  The littlest action My child, what joy you give to him when you do it for Me.  You understand?”

If you want to share your personal photo of the Merciful Mother,
please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
with your name, your location or where it was taken
and title of the photo. Thank you!
God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

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