“I am here waiting.”

"I am here waiting on you even with My arms open ready.  You don’t even have to call.  Just look at Me.  You don’t imagine Me.  I am in your own heart  You beat within My Heart.  Every thought I see.  Every little glance I know.  There is even no dream you have dreamt that I do not know about.  So please, just call!  Long for Me and I’ll be there waiting.  Need I explain more?  Simple isn’t it?”

In my Bedroom:

“You My child pray the “Salve Regina yet you fail to see My prayer at work in your life.  It is on every fence, on every road, on those you talk to.  Don’t you see that in your heart, in your soul is My mercy.  My sweetness and the hope I give you.  You come.  I answer.  You weep.  I console.  It should be your very centre of life,  My all embracing love for you.  Can’t you see it?  It’s everywhere.  I am every tiny corner of your day in this valley of tears.  Place in My hands, not your mind but your heart.”


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