“You have little time for frivolities.”


“Dear little child, evening is upon you and the storm is about to blow and you have little time for frivolities.  Only My presence can save you from the ambushes the devil lays for you, this is because you have responded to My call.  How beautiful is God that He grants you such favor in this location so as you hear My voice and wish only to be led by ME your Queen and Holy Mother.  This is indeed a wonder.”

“Dear child, come to Me in your heart whenever you need Me.  I will be there to rescue you and comfort you.  You should be glad that I have chosen you to be a special instrument to show the world My sweetness towards My little souls.  Through you some day, I wish to gather a valiant amount of little souls who will consecrate themselves to Me for the sake of those souls* who feel left out in the cold, that they are loved just as much with My Maternal love.”

                                                                                           *Poor sinners

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Nuestra Senora Del Rosario     
Photo Courtesy of:     
Atty. Victor Reginald Abaya Dimacuha       
of Batangas City, Philippines     

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     God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

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