“Return to the depths of your soul return often.”


In my Bedroom.

“You perceived Me at work in you today, did you?”


“Closely guard all I tell you.  It is full of Heavenly secrets and flowing with the Dew of My Son’s unction.  You will find that only in Me and writing down with a joy My words in your soul.  What a breath-taking beauty resides in you.  Me!  If only I could lift the veil a little more, but you would die with delight if I did.  Flee the world and long to return to the depths of your soul.  Return often this is where you belong.  You won’t find what you are looking for in the world. Only inside will you come to see real joy!  If you don’t write, then how will you come to know that writing My words are delight?”


*The moss of this world.


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