“My love is a free blown sail, hoist your jib and catch My love gusting like the wind in your soul.”


In my Bedroom.

“This is My Heart wanting you to come closer to Me.  Do you not feel that I call you sometimes.  I love coming to visit your soul, so small!  I never hesitate to loosen the formal approach you think I should have with you because I am the Queen of Heaven.  I wish to be as informal with you as any  mother is with her child.  Remember when I came before, unannounced as it were, you were trying to fight Me! How you did not think that I could be so condescending!  My love is a free blown sail.  Hoist your jib and catch My love gusting like the wind in your soul.  This is how you should be always, expecting Me to invite Myself into your daily routine.  Expect Me.”



If you want to share your personal photo of the Merciful Mother,
please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
with your name, your location or where it was taken
and title of the photo. Thank you!
God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

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