"God longs to grow in all My children’s hearts.”


In my Bedroom.


“Hello I am here with you.  Could I not ask of you one little sacrifice today?  Isn’t this your reward?  You know that if I don’t come you can help Me by offering it.  Love Me with these little orchids, they are your gifts to Me.  I give them to My Son.

My little one the vast belt of rain that moves across the City should be a reminder of how much God longs to grow in all My children’s hearts.   Under this cloud there is hidden a longing for God.  Pray for it so that you too may be caught out in this outburst, as you were this evening.  Convert to My Maternal touch.  Desire.  Look for Me always as I look for you in your soul.”



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God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

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