“Offer even your inadequacies these I turn to gold for you.”

“Thank you for coming My child.  Your littleness should be enhanced by your own prayer.  You let too many lizards past the door thus you’re not as dependent on Me as I would have liked.  Pray against all these intrusions.  My little one grace is given when you try to hold on to Me.  Don’t think you have not much to offer Me.  When you are thinking this way, offer even your inadequacies these I turn to gold for you, just as I did your Rosary beads even though you had only started to pray.  But I am gracious like that to you, I am a real Mother to you, am I not?”

“Write My child.  You were brought this evening.  I called you, did you hear Me?”

”Yes Mary was that you.”

“My little one so full of little earthly confusions about things, people and happening and things that might occur.  I settle everything.  You must learn to leave all these things in My care.  If you would only cease to let them carry you off and remember I am greater.  Me.



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