“You are nothing without Me.”

“Hello.  I am very much a Mother to you.  You see how I mingle in with so many of your ups and downs.  How your day takes on a new dimension as it were in Me.  My little one you are so small.  Even if I left you for a moment you would go bankrupt in everything, no longer would you want to reach Heaven, even little victories.  My little one you need Me.  Don’t wait till you have exhausted yourself and all other avenues before you realize you are nothing without Me  You can’t achieve it alone.  No harvest will you reap without Me.  When will you come to fully depend on Me?  What proof must I show you?  How weak you are, don’t be surprised at this.  When will you be ready to say “I am Yours, come.”  My grace is here.  Alone you cannot do it.”

“My dear little child.  Pray.  God gives you special graces when you pray My Rosary.  My poor little one don’t be afraid when you are trampled on by Satan.  Help is never far away, but you must be patient and wait on Me.  My little one I bless you.  Pray.”



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please  email it to us at mercifulmother@yahoo.com
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God bless you, Mama Mary Loves You!

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