“Offer to Me all your misgivings and longings.”

“My child follow Me in My faith.  
Offer Me all your misgivings and longings.  Do it all for Me.  I will mother you back to full strength, to full joy.  My joy becomes complete to see you at last, truly My child who has My grace.  To be so much poorer in everything for My sake is a treasure that I can offer to God.  Offer Me this treasure, the treasure of your poverty, for Me to do what I will.”

“My child.  Today I have something for you to be aware of.  The indifference paid to Me causes God much pain, but with one, Our Father – Hail Mary – and Glory be, prayed  to this end 

redress this pain and help convert those who cause this sadness.  If you do this every day before My Son in the Blessed Sacrament you will win great graces for those whose hearts have little or no faith… all through Me!”


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Nuestra Senora Del Rosario
Photo Courtesy of:
 Atty. Victor Reginald Abaya Dimacuha
Batangas City, Philippines     

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