“I am so often beside you.”


“Hello My sweet little one.

Welcome.  I endear Myself to you, don’t I?  Tell Me you need Me and I will be ever so full of joy.  It shall be a joy for Me to stay with you.  You gladden My Heart so much.  My dear child just because you are little I am asking that you, with great trust hold to out little chats.  They will lead to My special graces for you.  My sweet little one where do you find a more comfortable place than in My presence.  The days are not long enough for Me to show you how much I enjoy your company.  Even though the Cross looms large in your life this should give you great consolation that My Son allows you to walk close to Him in His suffering.  Do you think I would leave you even for a moment!  I am with you so much you don’t notice I am so often beside you.  My dear child pray.  Let Me hear and see you at Me as I look at you.  Isn’t this really why you are so attracted  to Me?  My simplicity.”

“Hello My dear child.  God is calling you to be His little friend.  Pray that you respond I am helping you to grow in My little chats with you.  Don’t you feel your life lifted as it were to a new awareness of God and Me!  Do you?  My little one pray.  You must never allow dryness or any distraction cut you off from Me.



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