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“What can I say if you don’t pray.”


“My little one.  Prayer.  Prayer.

What can I say if your don’t pray!

From your heart I wish to exhort you pray.  I cannot stress the importance.  My little one bring Me your sorrow, all your troubles even your temptations, then I can help you overcome them.  Do you understand?  Do you understand?  My little child you will have visitors.  Open your heart to them.  Pray that they have a good stay.  Help them.  Pray for them.  My child you sometimes don’t want to do what I tell you.  You are stubborn.  Help Me remove this obstacle from your heart.  Prayer!  Prayer! This is the only means you have.  I stay with you.  I am good to you.  Return your love by inviting Me into  your heart.  Thank you for coming My child.”




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