“I dearly wish to lead you.”

“My sweet little one, My grace is sufficient for you. Show Me your willingness to be with Me.  I will show you My Son, who has given Me the office of leading you to Him.  By this new way I wish you to confide in Me before you do anything and I shall tell you what to do.”

“My child, My little one, so torn between the world and My offer of total austerity.  If only you knew how I dearly wish to lead you along this path traveled by so few.  Lay at My feet your prayers/worries.  Depend totally on Me.  Listen to Me.  Allow no other way to take your fancy, or luring of any worldly kind. But seek with ME, My fine jewel* of great price and do not stop until you are satisfied.

                                                                   *A clean heart


The Immaculate Concepcion
Photo Courtesy of:
Atty. Victor Reginald Abaya Dimacuha
of Batangas City, Philippines

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