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“You are only too willing to be misled.”


Sometimes you are only too willing to be misled by Satan.  Pray.  Hold on to Me.  Close the door to him.  Thank you for coming.

“Hello My little one don’t be afraid if you are tempted.  My grace will help you.  My child you have in Me a Mother, who comforts you in every little area of your day with me.  We are together are we not did you notice?  Continue to pray.  I have made you aware of something, that is to let your heart wander and how to bring it back gently in prayer to Me.  My child I am always here, never doubt this.  Thank you for coming.”

“In my Bedroom

“Hello My poor little one.  You have so many problems I scarcely know  where to begin.  But I your Mother, you should believe this,




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