"The Companion"
Kristine A. Gonzalez
Quezon City


Most Filipino Catholics made it a habit of hanging a rosary or a little image of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary inside our vehicles for so many reasons. Looking at the Filipino Society, I can say that they do this because they feel protected with it around.

I took this picture a year ago while we are on our way to Zambales. I am sitting at the back seat here and found how symbolic it appears, with the car driver, the rosary on the rear mirror, the image of Jesus Christ on the dashboard and the one way bridge towards a road curving up at the end so we literally can’t see anyone coming towards. We drove slowly and carefully as we drive over the bridge fearful that it might dislodge due to its material made-up, rusty metal. These images can be associated in our real life challenges.

I have been driving for more than a decade and I am a very defensive driver. I am always careful and alert fearful that I might meet an accident somewhere. Hanging a rosary on the rear view mirror reminds me that I am guided and accompanied by Mother Mary and Jesus. I make sure to say a prayer before I drive. Having them inside the car makes me feel safe. You see, these images are not only to boast, to pray, to ask for anything. The image of the Holy Rosary and Jesus Christ are also a constant reminder that they are with me at all times and that they witness everything I do and think and feel. So other than driving, I am also careful with my actions, doing the best that I can to be a good person. Although at some point in my life, I knew I made some mistakes. I am never perfect but I repent and ask forgiveness for the wrong things that I have done, making sure I take them as a learning experience.

I, being the driver of this body is responsible to every experience and situation I will encounter in the past and in the future. My future is affected by how I manage my life in the past. As a child of God, I should live by Jesus Christ and Mama Mary’s principles because that is my purpose and that is where God wants me to be. So as a unique person with feelings and freedom to choose, I take control of my life with Jesus Christ and Mama Mary as my guide.

We will encounter people and situations ahead as we travel and God wouldn’t reveal them yet until it is time. It is up to us how we would make out of these opportunities whether they are good or bad. Yes, I did say opportunities. I see each and every situation, regardless if it is good or bad, an opportunity, an opportunity to make you a better person or the best you ought to be. Admittedly, I am an optimist and that’s because I have the best companion in life. If I got Mama Mary and Jesus as my guide, what else could go wrong I can’t handle?

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