"The Blessed Mother at Edsa 2"
Anselmo Talagtag Jr.
Nangka, Marikina City


The EDSA Revolutions 1 and 2 have been praised as “bloodless revolutions” that  happen only in the Philippines.  That’s due to the intercession of the Blessed Mother , who is the “Queen of Peace”.

             Mystic revelations about her importance in our life are contained in the book, The Life of Mary as Seen by the Mystics.     Jesus Christ revealed to the Venerable Mother Mary of Agreda, Spain (1602-1665).   “Many mysteries pertaining to My Mother… are still hidden, especially the interior secrets of her life…. If men would all begin to solicit her intercession, the world would find some relief.”

            To  St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373), the Blessed Mother revealed: “ It is a truth that I was conceived without original sin and not in sin.  My Son joined my father and mother in a marriage of such chastity.”  The father is St. Joachim from Nazareth, while her mother is St. Anne from Bethlehem.  We celebrate  Immaculate Conception Feast on December 8.

            The subsequent mysteries of Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, Presentation, and her sorrow over Christ’s Crucifixion make Mary worth-loving.  But these details of her  Assumption emphasize her roles in our lives:  

            Immediately after Mary’s death, our Lord had entered heaven, conducting the pure soul of His Mother at His right hand.  And presenting her before the throne of the Divinity: “Eternal Father, since during all her life and in all her works she was as like to Me as it is possible for a creature to be, let her also be like to Me in glory and on the throne of Our Majesty.”

            This decree was approved by the Father and the Holy Ghost.  And Mary’s soul was immediately …placed beside the throne of the Holy Trinity.  Then the eternal Father announced: “Our Daughter Mary has been chosen from among all creatures… Therefore she is to be crowned as lawful Sovereign and Queen.”

The Incarnate Word declared: “To My true and natural Mother belong all the creatures that I have created and redeemed.  And of all things over which I am King, she too shall be the rightful Queen.

And the Holy Ghost said: “By the title of My only chosen Spouse, to which she has faithfully corresponded, the crown of Queen is also due to her for all eternity.”

Then the three divine Persons solemnly placed on Mary’s bowed head a splendid gleaming crown of glory. At the same time a Voice sounded:

“Our Beloved and Chosen One among creatures…From your royal throne you shall rule over hell and earth and nature.  You shall be the Protectress, Advocate, and Mother of the Church Militant.  Whenever any of the children of Adam call upon you from their hearts or serve you, you shall relieve them and help them in their labors and necessities.   You shall be the Friend and Defender of the just and of Our friends.   All of them you shall comfort, console, and fill with blessings according to their devotion to you.  Therefore We make you the treasury of all Our graces.”


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