"New Hope"
Abelardo Yap
Ligao City, Albay


I entitled this photo “New Hope” cause, this picture was about Mama Mary with St. John the Beloved at the feet of the cross, where Jesus gave St. John the custody for Mama Mary as his Mother, and the Mother of all mankind. Also, in this picture you will see the Sun, for me, as I watch this picture, it represents light and hope. By the way I look at it, the sun was also giving comfort to Mama Mary, promising a new hope, new light, and a future promise.

There are plenty of statues (Via Crucis) on this said mountain, all are my favorites. Some say, that this mountain was a good place for jogging or for physical fitness, but to me, I don’t go there just for exercise, I go back there just to see all the statues of Mama Mary, Jesus, and the disciples. It gives me the strength to look at life on another point of view: everything is unique, some are good, and some are bad; let’s be thankful how small or how big your blessings you’ve received; it’s not about the appearance, all that counts was the sincerity, the gratefulness, the amazedness of a person, how he/she shows his/her gratitude to God. Let’s be thankful that God gave us a wonderful Mama Mary, whom we can rely to, in happiness or in sorrow, May God bless us all!

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