Unica Joy Policarpio
Muntinlupa City


This picture was taken in Barangay Sucat during one of the activities conducted by the church group. This event gathering was a barangay prayer and mass offering for the success of the barangay elections.  In the picture, we see some women sweeping and cleaning the place while we see a group of men and boys helping one another fix the Holy figures.

I believe that Mother Mary, Jesus, and our Patron Saints are not only for a single person, nor for a few but their presence is for everyone. In my own perspective, this picture encompasses the true meaning of a Barangay where people help one another in order to give glory not just to Mary, not just to Papa Jesus, not just to our Patron Saint, Sto. Domingo, but to all three.  Each person in a barangay fulfil his/her own duty by sharing their own capacity. Through this, they are able to give back what God has shared to them. As they fulfil their duties as a child of God, they are able to serve their roles as foundations in order for the whole barangay to be one under the Glory of God, Mary and our Patron Saint. I also believe that our Lord is gratified even just with small good things we do, even by just sweeping the street, helping the elders, or by just being concerned member of the Barangay. I do believe that the barangay concept which is very Filipino, should reflect not just the unity in the political system, not just the unity in the different barangay groups, but most especially, unity as children of God who equally receives blessings from Jesus Christ, Mama Mary, and our Patron Saint. Also this picture encompasses how our barangay is guided by the presence of our creator. This picture also encompasses how the people in our barangay, even though we all have things to do, we stop, and dedicate our time for the glory of our Lord. That is the true meaning of a barangay, a barangay united for the Glory of our Creator.


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