"Mother of My Father"
Myla Ross Tinoy
Davao City



People call her Virgin Mary, Mary of Nazareth, Mother of God, or Saint Mary. But for me she is my Mama Mary. And yes, I do call her My Mama Mary. “Mama” because she’s the Mother of my Father, Jesus Christ. “Mama” because she is the mother of all the mothers. “Mama” simply because she is a great mother to me. She plays a vital role in my almost 18 years of existence in this world. I believe that she has a huge impact in my life. There were times that I ignored her or like just took her for granted, but now that I’m on a right path, I  always make it to a point to thank her for everything that she has done not just to me but as well as to the other people in this world. I know that she has done so many good and remarkable things to the people though some tend to judge her for no basis.

I do believe that she helps the people to communicate with God or to become closer to Him. God is God. And Mama Mary is Mama Mary. So many people don’t believe them but I’m pretty sure that there are also billions of people who believe in them and have faith in them. Maybe some people criticize her or just ignore her, but for me, she’s a great mother. I trust her will all my heart and will always trust her just like what I’m doing to God.

My favorite day, Sunday, wouldn’t be complete without buying Mama Mary a bunch of flowers. My parents always give me P20.00 before the first mass in the morning will end for me to buy beautiful flowers. And then when my family goes back to our house, I put these fresh flowers in 2 vases. After, I put one vase on the altar that is located in our living room, and the other vase will be put on the altar that is located in the bedroom of my beloved and loving parents. Giving flowers to her for me is like showing my love for her as well as for God. It’s like showing her how much I am proud to have a mother like her even though I didn’t get to see her personally. And I’ve known so many people who do the same thing on their respective homes just like my neighbors as well as my relatives who live near and far away from our house.

On the picture, it shows that Mama Mary is surrounded by the flowers that I bought on the day I took the photo. These flowers symbolize my gratitude or appreciation for her. I know that there are lots of ways on how to show your love for Mama Mary. But for me, giving beautiful and fresh flowers for her is one of those best things on how to show your appreciation for her.

I do hope that one of these days, I’ll get to buy lots and lots of fresh and lovely flowers for my one and only Mama Mary. 

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