"The Passion"
Richard Ong
New Manila, Quezon City 


   As a student, I understand how hard it is to study hard and focus on other responsibilities at the same time. It is not all the time that we experience the joy and pleasure of youth has to bring. As we grow and mature, we learn to realize that we also need to succumb to the hardships and challenges this world brings. As such, there will also be times when we feel like as if we live in solitude... That as if we don't have our family beside us.. That as if the world has betrayed us.. But once we learn to turn to God and trust Him our problems, we will then feel how loved we are.. how special we really are.. how precious are we to His eyes.. that our lives was no accident.. that He had a purpose for us when He knitted us in our mother's womb..

     For this photo, I got a friend of mine to pose for me. She is currently an HRM student in a university in Angeles, Pampanga.. I chose her because I can see the love of God through Mary in her.. I was always inspired by the Rosa Mystica, as she was always inspired to pray the rosary as well.. Whenever she would feel like as if she is in the sea of all th ehardships in this world, whenever family problems struck her, whenever she feels like she wants to give up, and whenever she just feels as if she's all alone, she prays the rosary.. She has always trusted the merciful mother.. And it is without doubt that the reason why she was able to regain all those strength, is because of her continuous devotion and love to the merciful Mother of God.. 

     This is a testimony for all of us.. that anyone, regardless of race, gender, social class, no matter how big or small our problems may be, no matter what reason, we have the merciful mother to feel hopeful for.. that it isn't the end of the world.. that we should remember her and her passion.. not just whenever we experience problems.. for she was and always here for us.. I hope anyone who will see this will appreciate my simple photo and learn from what I just shared..

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