"Simpy Loving"
Sarah Nunez
Dasmarinas Village, Makati City 


     This photo was taken at my home. It is one of the statues of Mama Mary in our household. We have an altar, which holds various statues of Jesus, St. Nino and Mama Mary. This is my favorite one, and I find the beauty of it in its smplicity. I did not use any effects nor add anything to it. This is exactly how it looks like in my home. I feel this symbolizes the simplicity of our faith and love.

I chose a picture of a statue that was present in my very own home to illustrate the fact that Mama Mary is not distant…she is present not only in my heart but has blessed my entire house with her radiant presence as well.  The statue is merely a corporeal representation of the merciful Mother, but it also symbolizes the fact that she is present all around us, even if we cannot truly see or hear her. She is present in our hearts, and will be there always.

What I like about this picture is that everything seems to blend together perfectly. The glow from her exquisite clothing compliments the subtle sheen emanating from the curtains. I like to think of it as her radiant beauty and gentle heart shining over everybody. Her guidance and protection has helped enveloped us in comfortable warmth, just like the glittering sun. The royal blue found in her garments symbolizes peace, which she grants within us when we look to her for strength and support.

The three angels you see below her was actually something that my parents had made in order to represent my siblings and I. One of the angels is my sister, the other my brother, and the last one me. This goes to show us that Mama Mary is not someone we worship or regard as God, but rather, we should see her as someone  who is among us, and with us always. She should be revered, but not so much so that she is seen to be as immensely distinct from us and  much greater than us. We are one with her,  and she is one with us.

In essence, the beauty of this photograph is in its simplicity. No camera effects or props were needed….just simply Mama Mary in all her glory.  This proves that we need not hold lavish ceremonies or give extravagant offerings. Mama Mary is truly merciful and loving…she loves everyone equally, and does not judge.  She sees everyone as her children, despite who they are or what they have to offer. We are all equal in her eyes, the way a mother loves all her children in equal amounts. She is always present, and she loves us all so dearly.  Its as simply as that…we don’t need to go to extreme lengths to prove our love and devotion to her either, for she needs nothing more than our love, faith and prayers.

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