"Our Lady is Waiting for the Lost Souls..."
Marijene De Jesus
San Jose, Balanga City


This photo is inspired not by people praying but by the Merciful Mother herself. She has so many beautiful messages for all of us but many haven't heard of... The Merciful Mother has been struggling to bring us closer to Her Son Jesus Christ and to the Heavenly Father. She gives us inspiration and gives us comfort in all our concerns. It is now TIME for all of us to help Her.

In the photo, there are a lot of CHAIRS waiting to be occupied... "Our Lady is waiting for the lost souls..." Are you one or do you know one? If so, it's the time that we should give back to our Father in heaven by helping Mama Mary to make these lost souls be FOUND. Share your life's testimonies to others to inspire them. Comfort them and let them realize that they have a Mother who they can turn to. They have a Lady waiting for them, no matter who they are and what they went through in life. The Merciful Mother is a loving mother... Full of love and compassion for all of us.

Remember, Our Lady is waiting for the lost souls...  Let's help save souls today.

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