"Touch of Her Love"
Richelle Afinidad
Bacoor, Cavite

Touch of Her Love-

Our Blessed Mother is within our reach. Her love for us is maternal and without measure. She cares for us as we are entrusted to her by Jesus our Savior.  Every prayer that we utter, every single word that escape our lips, every pain that we feel is known by our beloved Mother. It is in the silence of our hearts that we can truly communicate with Her. We regard her as our own Mother who will always welcome us with outstretched arms every time we go astray and bring us closer to Jesus and to God our Almighty Father.

            The many apparitions of Mary manifests her love and concern for each one of us as we journey  as children of God. Mary loves us and wants us to live in peace, use the talents the Lord gave us and strive to give our full contribution for the building up of the culture of life and love.

O how I long to sing you a song of love
To describe the warmth of your smile
The pureness of your heart. O Mary
our Queen of love, our way to the loving Son
Our beautiful way to the loving Son.

When I’m happy you are there to share it with me When I’m grieving I can call and you’d console me

 O how I long to sing you a song of love
To express the happiness that’s deep
within my heart. O Mary
our Queen of love, our way
to the loving Son
Oh teach us to follow you.

            Our devotion to Mary being the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church is intrinsic to our Christian beliefs. Our Church honors the Blessed Virgin with a special devotion, She who protects amidst all dangers. This devotion to the Blessed Mother essentially differs from the adoration that we give to God and to Him alone. We pray to the Blessed Virgin to intercede for us.

As we carry the Blessed Mother in every religious procession, we venerate her being the Mother of our Saviour, we are not worshipping her, instead, we are showing our affection to the one closest to Jesus. But because she is so very intimately

close to Him, Her prayers on our behalf are very powerful. Due to Mary’s intervention, Jesus performed his first miracle. Being our spiritual Mother, we humbly for her intercession to guide us and bring us closer to Her  only Son.

With this, we pray…           

Gracious God, in Mary you have given us a model of true holiness. Hers was a loving heart, one rich in hospitality and prayerfulness. She responded fully to the call to be the Mother of your Son and she was faithful to the end. Though at times her heart ached, she never allowed bitterness to reside there. Help us to be warmhearted people, a family committed to hospitality and service. Grant this through Mary’s intercession.

            The Blessed Mother, The Mother of Christ,  The Mother of the Church, our Mother.  Amen.

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