"The Watcher"
Justin Patrick Go
Iloilo City



This shot was taken in Iloilo City Last September when the Our Lady of Fatima Statue stayed in Alta Tierra Chapel. I am so blessed not only that I was taken as one of the official photographer of the said event, but also being one of the few persons that had touched the statue. Mama Mary made me feel at peace. Peace that cleared my mind to go forward and take all the challenges that I will encounter because I know, in times of troubles, Mama Mary will come to me. No matter how many people have misunderstandings, no matter how many innocent lives were killed, Mama Mary is still there to provide peace in the whole world. She is always there to help us and to guide us in our day to day activities. In times of sorrows, just pray to Mama Mary, for sure she will help you.

Despite all the trials and challenges in my life she still inspires me to my everyday life to do well and help the people who are in need, especially those who are less fortunate and marginalize people. Mama Mary still guides us when we are in need. We are encouraged to pray the rosary every night with our family in order to help us build a strong relationship with one another. As the saying states “A Family that prays together stays together” this kind of values should be taught to our young people as they nowadays lack values and spiritual communication with God. They are busy with their and some people forget what it is to pray and to connect with God. This kind of attitude is being reminded to us by Mama Mary. We people should not forget to ask for forgiveness and thank for the blessings that Mama Mary have given us. Mama Mary will always be there for all of us, her children.

The image will always remind us that wherever we are Mama Mary can always see us down here and that she can guide us in our journey back to heaven.


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