"Two Mothers"
Albert Rodriguez
Paranaque City


2nd PLACE - Nano iPod 

My mom lost her mom when she was 2 years old. Maybe that's why she has always felt a bond with nuns, and older women and of course,Mama Mary.  Mama Mary has always been a source of strength  and consolation for her, that's why she always prays the rosary with the family when they go to work. And whenever she receives flowers at work, or picks flowers from our garden, she places them on the altar for Mama Mary, like a child bringing home flowers for her mother.

While my mom has always been fascinated with the different titles and different images of Mama Mary, (such as this statue of her in UP Diliman) she knows that they are just representatives of the holy mother to be venerated, not worshipped.
What I liked about this photo of her is that my mom seems to be communicating with Mama Mary through her image. That through the knowledge of what Mama Mary went through, how she suffered, my own mom's pains and problems seem lightened. Two mothers sharing common joys and pains and dreams about life and children that only they know and will keep between the two of them.



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