Please read theses notes before continuing browsing the website.

This website is very precious.  It is our link with our Blessed Mother in Heaven.  The messages on this website is not meant to be browsed page by page.  The way to use this website is as Our Lady has said,PRAY before reading My messages.”  Say a pray, any prayer of your choice, then CLICK any of the ROSES on the "THE MESSAGE PAGE".  The heading of each message is the main point of the message that  Our Lady wishes to impart. This message is Our Lady’s personal message to you.

Our Lady has said :

“In essence, the website/book
of messages 
is for the 
renewal of  
every soul.” 

(April 2nd.1998)


“Have no fear.  You must concentrate only on the messages.  I have given you.  Delete nothing Providencehas revealed to you.  St. Joseph will guard it in purity and I will guard it in maternity.  It will be a star that will shine out for all the world to see and a fresh breeze blowing through the Church.  Never before in the history of the Church have I blessed such a book as I have the one I have given you.  Truly My Image is the Mediatrix of all graces.  Pray! Pray!  In prayer you will obtain everything.”    (October 24th . 1997)


“If you pray you will find the answer to every situation that has no peace and where no peace can be found.  Open the messages and ask Me what message I want you to live each day and I will tell you.  I ask you not to live the messages  of the world but live My messages and you will find peace, and they will spread and you will be truly happy, and everyone will see in you the reflection of My messages.” 
(January 14th . 1999) 

“I have given you the greatest sign that I am truly with you in every situation.  This sign is, that I speak to you when you open the book, in this way I help you believe with your heart.”   (January 31st . 1999)

“Abandon yourself to My Immaculate Heart in that way you will be able to overcome every evil that threatens you.  You do this by opening the book and reading My messages every day.  Let them change you.  In this way you will experience the graces God wishes to give you through them.  It is for this reason I am speaking to you through them, but you must listen with your heart if you are to comprehend My words.”  
 (March 11th . 1999)

Our Lady also had this to say: “
When you hold the book, you hold Me, your Mediatrix of all Grace.  At any moment no matter where you are and you feel worried or you have lost your peace or you simply need Me, open the book at any page and follow My words and in that moment you will experience that deep calm that is within My Immaculate Heart.”   (April 19th . 1999)


It is also suggested that you use this website when saying the Rosary, reading one message between each decade.  This website is also a great comfort when you are particularly worried or upset about events in your life, as Our Lady has said,When you need Me, read my message.”

Let our Lady guide you, especially now in this special time of the 2000th . anniversary of Her dear Son Our Lord Jesus Christ’s birth.

May the good and Merciful Lord and His Heavenly Mother bless you.

“My child make
a reparation
      in your life!”



With reports of messages from Our Lady reaching us from all over the world, true devotes of Our Beloved Mother will pray for the grace of discernment to believe which are true and distinctive for them to follow. 

I recognized then that these consoling yet serious messages would help us to confront the difficulties and challenges of life in the New Millennium, in this increasingly God-forsaking world.  As our loving Mother, She has been assigned this unique role of giving individual messages of hope and love to Her starving children.

Since then, I have felt a new dimension to my life which I pray will enable me and others to give comfort and hope to all who thus seek the help of Our Lady Help of Christians, Queen of the Home.

May She so speak to you and bring you Her peace.




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